Give Grande!

Our mission—like Hidalgo County—is BIG!  So is our need.  This is why we ask you to think big and give generously when considering the ways in which your resources can make the greatest impact for good in your community.

Every gift, be it large or small, counts toward the fulfillment of our mission to increase and improve access to quality healthcare in the Rio Grande Valley.  Furthermore, each gift received by The Foundation at MRMC remains here, for the benefit of local residents, to whom your gift represents well-being; new life; a second chance; a peaceful passing; skilled care and comfort in a setting close to family and friends; and so much more!

Here are some of the special needs that have been fulfilled by the community’s gifts and contributions:


  • “Giraffe Beds” in the NICU

    • Thanks to the generosity of our donors, the NICU Department was able to purchase two new “Giraffe” beds for the very tiniest of our premature infants. Most NICU babies start in a warmer and are weaned to an isolette as their condition improves. However, if there are any setbacks, the infant usually has to be transferred back to a warmer. The “Giraffe” bed rapidly transforms from a radiant warmer to an isolette, and vice versa, giving medical staff flexibility in a transitional situation, and an extra measure of timeliness in an urgent one.
    • Fully loaded, these very special beds cost $40,000 each. Through community support of our Legacy Galas, we met our goals twice! Now, our NICU has two ‘giraffe’ beds and our tiniest of patients have a very special place to call home when they most. need it.
    • Close to 400 premature and critically ill infants arrive in our NICU, each year. They come from within our community and from across the Valley, for the state-of-the-art care available at Mission Regional Medical Center. Regardless of where they come from, we pride ourselves on being prepared to receive these ‘little miracles’ here, and give them a fighting chance at a healthy life.

The Ways to Give are as numerous as our Needs!

Call Cynthia Guerra, Foundation Director, at 956-323-1102 or email at to learn how you can help.