Programs with Impact!

The Foundation is committed to enriching the lives of community residents, from our tiniest patients to our senior citizens. Quality programs allow us to do this in a variety of ways that promote a passion for healthcare, a culture of philanthropy, and a compassionate connection.

At Mission Regional Medical Center (MRMC) we are dedicated to building a healthier community for you. We’ve added more doctors, nurses, clinicians, and the latest technology to bring you a whole new approach to quality health care that is smarter and more efficient. With advanced specialties, quiet healing rooms, and technologies that allow us to spend more time with each and every one of our patients.

Grandparents Program

Volunteer Services coordinates this remarkable program, with support from The Foundation, wherein seasoned grandparents act as surrogates to patients and their families in the Nursery, Maternity and Pediatrics Departments.

Thanks to the Grandparents at Mission Regional Medical Center, we’ve learned there is no substitute for the practical wisdom and experienced support of those who have gone before us.  Our Grandparents bestow invaluable gifts by knitting booties, caps and blankets; rocking babies; organizing arts and crafts; comforting anxious mothers; and more.

To become a Grandparent at MRMC, please contact Lilliam Santana-Barrera, Volunteer Director by email or phone: 956.323.1104.

Every gift is precious.